External Machining

External Machining

Precise Tools for Small Parts Machining

Vargus is pleased to introduce the New ST-CUT, an innovative solution for machining small parts on Swiss type machines.

Features and Benefits:

  • Unique insert replacement system
  • Quick and easy change of insert inside the machine from both sides of the tool
  • High repeatability of the cutting edge on all axes
  • 17mm (.669″) maximum parting off diameter, with up to 3mm (.118″) notch width
  • Excellent rigidity
  • Insert edge treatment for increased tool life

New VN020 Grade for Aluminum Alloys, Now Available for GrooVical Square Grooving Super Positive (SP) Inserts

The VN020 Grade:

New uncoated grade, specially designed for Aluminum and Copper alloys

  • Produces low forces when machining
  • Avaialable as a standard grade for GVN26 Square Grooving SP inserts

Features and Benefits


  • Double-sided, 1.5mm inserts for deep grooving and parting off applications
  • GM Geometry – Positive sharp cutting edge, which decreases build-up on the edge
  • Grades:
    • VMG: Very tough substrate. PVD coated, M35 for low cutting speeds
    • VPG: Excellent anti-fracture resistance
      Sub-micron substrate for a wide range of applications
      TiAlN PVD coated, P30, K20


  • Reinforced monoblock holders (PH) are available with and without high pressure coolant
  • Two high pressure coolant outlets (up to 100 Bar) are designed to directly cool insert rake and flank
  • Shanks sizes: 10mm, 12mm, & 16mm
  • T max:
    • 10 & 12mm shanks – 6.5 and 10.0mm
    • 16mm shank – 10.0mm

Deep Grooving, Threading, Parting Off, Boring and Face Grooving

The new family of VG-Cut tools opens doors to greater application exposure within the same insert pocket of Deep Grooving, Parting Off, Turning, Profiling, Boring, Face Grooving and Threading.

The VG-Cut inserts offer excellent designated chip formers and carbide grades, making VG-Cut the most versatile product yet.VG-Cut tools cover a wide range of Threading Standards for machining between shoulders and close to the spindle in up to shoulder depth of 10.0mm.

The VG-Cut, with its unique multifunctional geometry, minimizes inventory for the end-user in an extensive selection of applications.

New Range of Indexable Grooving Inserts

The Groovical Family of products by GROOVEX offers improved solutions for internal and external grooving and turning applications.

The new GVN26 and GVN29 feature inserts with three cutting corners and a unique rigid clamping system for improved productivity.

The new GVN style inserts offer new applications, now featuring a Turning and Grooving chip former to form helical chips, new parting off tools, and machining close to shoulders.

The Groovical line offers right hand and left hand tools.

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