Thread Milling

The VARDEX Thread Milling Line offers an all-encompassing range of solutions.

Thread Milling tools offer applications in multi-tooth, single-tooth for deep holes, and solid carbide tools.

Features and Benefits:

  • One modular toolholder head fits an assortment of shank lengths
  • Compatible with the most common steel and carbide shanks in the market
  • Tools include high pressure coolant thru for extended tool life
  • Multi-flute tools for fast machining
  • Suitable for TMSD U Style inserts
  • Specially suited for deep holes
  • Reduced load on cutting edges due to single point insert design

Fast Machining for Large Pitches in Deep Holes

Features and Benefits

Reduced machining times: Two cutting rows, with each row machining half the thread simultaneously

Increased No. of Flutes for Faster Machining

Features and Benefits

  • Reduced machining times: Up to 40%!
  • Large number of flutes (max 7)
  • Available in 2xDo and 3xDo (thread diameter)
  • Thread Standards:
    • ISO Metric (mm shank): M3x0.5 to M16x2.0
  • VTH Grade:
    General-purpose, heavy duty thread milling grade, TiCN coated for high resistance to wear
  • For better chip evacuation in high feeds, radial multi-pass machining is required

Efficient Multi-passes Machining Method

Due to the high volume of chips, thinner chips are required. This is achieved by radial multi-pass machining, which reduces the accumulation of chips, and thereby enables higher speeds and feed rates.

Major Expansion

Now Available in Full Profiles BSP (G), NPT & Additional ISO Metric Standards.

Features and Benefits

  • TMDR tools drill, thread and chamfer all in one tooling operation
  • Pre-drilled holes are no longer required!
  • Tools also work on components with pre-drilled holes, such as, blind holes, through holes, and even semi-finished holes
  • For shank diameters 8, 10, and 12mm tools are offered with coolant thru
  • Thread Lengths: 2xDo and 2.5Do (Thread Diameter)

Thread standards:

  • ISO Metric: From M3x0.5 up to M23x2.0
  • American UN: From No. 4-40 up to 3/8”x16

The TMDR is available in VTS grade

The VARDEX Multi-flute Indexable Thread Milling (MiTM) system for fast machining, reduces cycle times when machining threads with long inserts. New nickel coating for all MiTM toolholders provides better anti-rust protection.

A multi-flute, highly productive and economical solution for milling threads in deep holes

TMSD Line System Advantages

Smooth Cut

  • Reduced load on cutting edges due to single point insert design

Wide Range of Profiles

  • Full profile: ISO, UN, NPT, API RD & ABUT
    Partial profile: 60°, 55°
    Semi Partial profile for: TR, ACME, Stub ACME

Cost Effective

  • Up to 3 cutting edges per insert
    Very high feed per tooth

Fast Machining

  • Multi-flute, up to 7 cutting edges (inserts)

Long Overhang

  • Up to 144mm (200mm in Shell Mill)

Coolant Thru

  • For improved chip evacuation and cooling at the cutting corner

Vertical Inserts

  • Reinforced Cutting Corner Support

Smaller Tool Cutting Diameter with 3 Flutes

  • As small as 10.5mm

Conical Thread Preparation

  • Capabilities to machine conical threads from a cylindrical pre-drilled hole

The TM Solid line features a wide range of solid carbide thread milling tools for general purpose as well as specific wide-ranging industries from automotive and taps, to medical and dental.

The advantages of using the VARDEX TM Solid line are:

  • Small thread due to small cutting diameter
  • Multi flutes for extremely fast machining
  • High rigidity
  • Unique design for machining hard materials (up to 63 HRc)
  • High accuracy
  • Designed to fit specific applications
  • Cylindrical shank – hydraulic and shrink fit clamping
  • Minimal run-out

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