MH/MF Series

MH Series(1 Die 2 Blow Micro Headers)
MF Series(1 Die 2 Blow ~ 4 Die 5 Blow Micro Formers)(Multi station Micro Formers evolved from the MH series)

The Nakashimada MH/MF Micro Headers and Formers are designed to manufacture high precision miniature components.  Especially in the micro-forging market that actually symbolizes the accuracy level of the general products from the manufacturer, Nakashimada has more than 80% share in Japan and 50% of the world market.  All MH/MF series has Finger-less Transfer feature incorporating a unique Sliding-Die mechanism, from-the-back wire-feed design and blank catcher device for short, difficult-to-transfer parts. (Finger transfer is also available on MF micro formers)  For maximum precision, all the sliding areas are hand-scraped to micron level by highly trained craftsmen.

Precision design and assembly combine smooth mechanical movement of components to achieve repeatable high efficiencies. Parts with overall length of 1mm are also possible to be transferred. The final products are collected 100% good parts only by catcher mechanism or vacuum device (option) and there is no scattering of products.

More than 1000 MH/MF units have already been delivered to most of major electronic, computer, watch and phone parts manufacturers world-wide, in variety of size from 0.5 to 7.0mm diameter and from 1D2B to 4D5B in configuration.
Unmanned operation is available on MH series by Automatic Philip Punch Changer (option).
Extrusion work is possible on MF series.  Our MF420 and MF460 (4 die 5 blow micro formers) can form ultra-precision products that require clean finish of tubular fiber flow.

– For detailed information, please contact our sales persons.

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