• The exclusive structure preventing rotation ensures stable machining.
  • Double-sided round tool with 8 corners realizes cost efficiency.


KORLOY launched double-sided round indexable milling tool, RMR which is the most effective in HRSA machining.

The RMR’s exclusive reverse positive structure prevents rotation of tool that has been a big trouble in HRSA cutting occurred by existing tool’s round shape and enhances long tool life.

In addition, its sharp chip breaker and helix cutting edge help HRSA cutting smoothly without cutting load.

The wide minor cutting edge with the optimal angle between workpiece and tool enhances machinability and the double-sided shape with 8 corners ensures cost efficiency.

The optimal cutting edge for HRSA cutting and ultracoating technology with excellent lubrication reduce fracture and enhance wear resistance and tool life.

  • High cost efficiency
    – Maximum 8 corners are usable due to applying doublesided structure.
  • Stable tool life
    – The exclusive structure preventing rotation ensures stable machining.
  • Good surface finish
    – The optimal minor cutting edge ensures good surface finish.
  • Excellent performance
    – Chip breaker for good surface finish and helix cutting edge realizes excellent cutting performance.

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