Korloy ENDMILL T Endmill


  • For machining dental prostheses made of zirconia, titanium, Co-Cr, wax, PMMA, etc.
  • Optimized cutting performance by matching a proper grade with each type of material
  • Inhibited unevenness and excellent finish in machined surfaces due to the optimized cutting-edge design
  • Specialized tool shape for each machine type

T Endmill

The need for dental implants has grown steadily in step with the increase in the aging global population. Accordingly, many companies are now actively developing dental CAD/CAM machines, and they compete by developing their own proprietary tool shapes. To meet the demand, KORLOY has released the T Endmill that helps customers stay ahead of the competition with a customized tool for each machine.

Dental CAD/CAM technology is continuously developing by taking advantage of X-ray and oral scanners, and many manufacturers have commercialized CNC machines to automate the previous manual process of manufacturing implants. As a result, machining time is significantly reduced, resulting in improved productivity and demands for tools with longer life.

The typical materials of dental prostheses, such as zirconia, titanium, Co-Cr, wax, and PMMA, have different physical and mechanical properties, and each requires an optimized tool solution.

T Endmill uses a specialized grade for each workpiece: ND3000 for zirconia, and PC2510 for titanium and Co-Cr, and guarantees excellent machinability thanks to its optimized blade design.


  • A dedicated tool for each machine
    – Meets marketplace demands
  • A specialized grade for each workpiece
    – Provides optimized performance for various materials of implants
  • Optimized cutting-edge design
    – Enables excellent machinability

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