Korloy DRILL Win Drill


  • Better cutting performance with an improved thinning shape which lessens cutting load
  • High rigidity and good chip evacuation from the optimal designed flute
  • Excellent cutting performance in stainless machining

Win Drill

Drilling is applied to various industries in numerous ways. In addition, various workpieces including carbon steel, cast iron, alloy steel, stainless steel etc. are applied in drilling. Higher cutting performance and reduced machining time are required for efficient cutting.

Win Drill is designed for general use with enhanced stability and efficiency, and it has been designed for good chip control with reduced flute radius. Also the Drill’s improved surface finish shows better chip evacuation.

The exclusive coating, PC325W based on AlCrN coating increases tool life by higher wear resistance and lubrication with higher welding resistance.

Win Drill is used for various types of cutting due to stable and excellent performance in wide cutting range, from low to high conditions.


  • Stable tool life
    – For automotive line, enhanced productivity
  • Increased cutting performance, stable chip evacuation
    – Reduced cutting load on the cutting edge and better surface finish
  • Various standard line-up
    – Provided customized service
  • Applied to various workpieces
    – P, M, K

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