Korloy Turning CP Chip Breaker


  • Good fracture resistance and chipping resistance even in heavy interruption due to strong cutting edge
  • Stable machining and high productivity from good chip evacuation in high feed machining

CP Chip Breaker

Machining of bearing parts generally used in automobile and general machinery industries requires toughness of cutting edge due to interrupted cutting condition and their high hardness. In addition, in deep grooving, tangled chips rolling up and scratching the workpieces causes the automatic machining inconsistent.

KORLOY’s newly launched CP chip breaker enhanced chip evacuation, chip breaking and strength of cutting edge in interrupted turning.

The CP chip breaker applied the strengthened land to protect cutting edge and adopted 2-stepped back chip breaker with side rake angle and continuous bumps ensuring longer tool life by preventing chattering in high feed cutting. With its excellent chip evacuaction and chip breaking performances, it realizes convenience in the automatic machining.

The combination of CP chip breaker realizing high feed machining with high toughness and chip evacuation and NC3215P/NC3225P enhancing wear resistance and chipping resistance provides the best solution realizing efficiency and high productivity in automobile parts machining.


  • Machining automobile hub bearing and bearing parts
    – Enhanced chipping resistance in interrupted machining
  • Improved chip evacuation in deep machining
    – Better chip evacuation out of the workpiece due to side rake angle
  • High productivity
    – Stable tool life in high feed machining

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