HP Jet Fusion 4200
3D Printing Solution

HP Jet Fusion 4200 Industrial 3D Printing Solution

Produce quality parts while optimizing productivity and cost with our industrial 3D printing solution

Industrial prototyping and final part production

Quality, functional parts

• Ideal for functional prototyping and short-run production.

• Achieve predictable print time and parts with best-in-class isotropy.

• Choose between print modes tuned for mechanical/functional/aesthetic properties, accuracy, and speed.

Optimized productivity

• Produce more parts per day with continuous printing.1

• Streamlined, cleaner experience with enclosed, automated mixing of materials.2

• Rely on HP’s world-class HP Jet Fusion 3D Solution Services to maximize uptime and productivity.

Optimized costs

• Reduce operational costs, opening your doors to short-run production.

• Invest in a competitively priced 3D printing solution and produce at a low cost per part.

• Optimize cost and part quality, with cost-efficient materials that offer industry-leading reusability.3

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