Hardware Solutions

Shaviv – The world leader in deburring solutions expands its range of solutions for home and professional use.

Our tools:

  • Industry tailored, carefully selected finishing tools suitable for a number of all of your daily tasks
  • The safest way to remove burrs and create a smooth finish on any surface, including: metal, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, & wood!
  • Time saver – deburr any workpiece quickly and efficiently
  • Tested and approved by professionals in the field!
  • Intuitive and easy to use

Shaviv Sets are an essential tool in every professional’s toolkit, garage, or home.

Shaviv Sets include a blade and handle. Some sets also include a blade holder for long-reach appications.

Certain Sets can mount different blades.

Tailored Professional solutions feature:

  • GlobBurr Series – Entry level deburring solutions
  • UniBurr Series – Sturdy, yet light. Compact and on the go
  • Mango II Series – The industry standard for all hand deburring solutions

Tailored Deburring Solutions for Professionals & Home Improvement

The world’s leader in deburring solutions widens its expertise to home use and professionals. We adapt our deburring know-how to your natural work environment.

  • Industry tailored, carefully selected deburring tools suitable for specific tasks in a single kit
  • Multi-purpose: Works great on metals, plastics, aluminum, copper & wood!
  • Tested and approved by professionals in the field!
  • Time saver – “Deburr & Go”

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