OFH_Floating holder for brush

Floating holder for brush

01 Improved surface roughness by deburring

We introduce the floating holder OFH from Dine Inc., which improves the surface roughness through deburring and feedmark removal of work pieces and minimizes the amount of brush wear .

02 Equipped with floating function

It is a dedicated abor (floating function) with constant pressure, which reduces lead time and improves productivity.

03 Improve brush tool life (50% improvement compared to collet chuck)

Compared to the use of floating holder (OFH), the general collet chuck caused by rapid brush wear during deburring to reduced brush tool life.

04 Sleeve Brush

Various sizes of sleeves and brush are available. When using the sleeve (OFHS), it is possible to support the same performance not only using floating holder but using by fastening it to a tool that is compatible with various sleeves.

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