Greater Throughput
Keep your CMM in action with quick, uninterrupted loading, queuing and unloading of parts – all without need of an operator.

High Flexibility
Tackle new parts in no time – TEMPO is simple to reconfigure.

Maximum convenience
Enhance workflows with minimal operator training required. TEMPO is quick to install and offers ease-of-use of new and existing CMMs.

Enhance CMM workflow with off-the-shelf automatic part loading

TEMPO is the cost-effective automated part loading system that increases the throughput of your coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and maximises operational capacity.

TEMPO enables autonomous measurement free from interruption. Whether you have overnight production requirements or staff need to switch their focus to other important tasks, TEMPO allows manufacturers to maintain output even when CMM operators are unavailable. TEMPO works any extra shifts, anytime.

This off-the-shelf solution is designed for ultimate flexibility. TEMPO is primed for use on new and existing CMMs and is easily reconfigurable for any new parts to be inspected.
The system is designed for simplicity and effectiveness; only minimal training is required to start enhancing workflows with TEMPO.

Offering excellent capacity, TEMPO is configurable with 3-6 loading drawers, each with 0.3 square metres of storage space and holding up to 100 kg of parts.

The system’s high-performance collaborative robot is provided by Universal Robots. The ISO 10218-1-certified cobot is lightweight for easy relocation and offers collision detection and customisable stopping times.

In addition to cutting time lost to loading and unloading parts, TEMPO offers quick and easy installation.

By automatically identifying out-of-tolerance parts, TEMPO increases confidence in results, while ensuring you get results faster.


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