DST_High speed synchro tapping chuck

High speed synchro tapping chuck

01 Tapping chuck for high speed machining

We introduce the high speed synchronizing chuck DST from Dine Inc., which can improve productivity and quality with tapping chuck equipped with high speed processing and rigid function.

02 Prevent tab damage and improve tab tool life

The special design structure compensates for synchronization errors and reduces the machining load in the axial direction to minimizing tap breakage and to improve tap tool life

03 Tapping exclusive Collet (TER)

The square hole type collet (TER) prevents the tab from slipping. Improved tapped surface roughness
※ Recommended to use TER collet when processing tabs with DST

04 Improving Thread Quality

High speed synchronizing chuck (DST) prevents threads from collapsing and ensures that the machining shape is clean. When tapping with a general collet chuck, the synchronous error cannot be compensated and the tap shape is damaged.

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