DSC_Shrinking Chuck

Shrinking Chuck

01 Various types that fit processing needs

We introduce various types of Shrinking Chuck DSC that can be used to suit your needs, such as mono, mono-slim, curve, and 2 pieces, until minimizing interference in high degree, rigidity, balance, and deep groove processing.

02 Minimize interference in deep groove processing

Shrinking Chuck from Dine Inc. can design tools and clamping point thinly to minimizing tool interference during five-axis deep groove processing.

03 Special Heat Treatment Steel Material

Shrinking Chuck from Dine Inc. uses a special heat treated steel material not ordinary steel for good stiffness and heat resistance, so it maintains high precision even after using it more than 5,000 times. Also, it minimizes rust even when exposed to the outside for a long time to improve tool life extension and processing.

04 Very high clamping force

Shrinking Chuck from Dine Inc. supports 25,000 RPM per minute (BT30) and provides a 3μm (one-piece type) run-out by fixing the space of the holder and the tool with heat shrinkage.

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