DHE_hydraulic expansion chuck

Hydraulic expansion chuck

01 Various types that fit processing needs

We introduce the hydraulic chuck DHE from Dine Inc., which is optimal for mold processing, automotive parts, and precision parts with high precision processing.

02 High precision representative cutting tool

Hydraulic chuck from Dine Inc. not only increases the tool’s life by wearing less cutting tools with high precision, but also attenuates vibration caused by the hydraulic chamber, which improves the roughness of the machining surface.

03 Easy clamping/unclamping

The tool removal method using the T-wrench makes it easy for the operator to unclamp. Therefore, it reduces tool removal time and reduces worker fatigue.

04 Collet compatible with various functions and pi

DHC collets in various sizes, DHJ with hydraulic chuck jet coolant function, and DZC collet with tool end run-out adjustable are compatible for your various processing environments.

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