DHE/S_slim hydraulic chuck

Slim hydraulic expansion chuck

01. The beginning of a reasonable choice.

We introduce DHE/S, a slim hydraulic chuck series from Dine Inc. as optimized for processes requiring high-quality surface roughness.

02 Deep groove processing

Not only slim but also advantageous for deep groove processing in a long form, it is especially optimized for high value-added impeller processing to further enhance your processing technology.

03 Vibrations is an enemy of machining! Minimize vibrations.

The slim hydraulic chuck from Dine Inc. is based on L = 3 x ØD to apply Run-out: 5 μm (8 μm for long type)
(Stable clamping force)

04 Apply DHC Collet

This is a slim hydraulic chuck series from Dine Inc. that can be used with hydraulic chuck collet DHC that have general and waterproof types.

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