COBOT encourage the manufacturing industry in to produce sophisticated

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COBOT encourage the manufacturing industry in to produce sophisticated

MEGA Tech had the opportunity to interview Mr. Akarin Hemyoo, Managing Director of Cerathai Co., Ltd. about COBOT (Collaborative Robots) encourages the manufacturing industry to produce sophisticated, highly refined skills and highly efficient workpieces.

Mr. Akarin discussed the importance of automation: “Presently, Thailand’s industry is progressing toward a change, and automation, in particular, has been playing an increasingly important role in catalyzing this change. We all know that industrial robots have long had a role to play, but now robotics technologies have been developed into COBOTs (collaborative robots), and Cerathai Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance and role of this change.
In the past, industrial robots were large, complicated to maintain, and suffered from safety problems in collaborative work with humans, but now COBOTs (collaborative robots) are helping to reduce problems in complicated maintenance, and these robots can work safely and effectively alongside humans. In the future, collaborative work between humans and robots will become increasingly essential. As humans perform work that requires special and highly-refined skills, robots can perform support work, and maximum effectiveness is achieved when both are working together.”

Mr. Akarin further added about universal robots that are providing solutions to Cerathai customers: “Cerathai Co., Ltd. is the first company in Thailand that is a distributor of universal robots, and we have been doing this for over 8 years. Accordingly, we have a clear UR (Universal Robots) management policy in the development of an ecosystem to support customers and manufacturers. Accordingly, we have created a platform, namely, UR+ to serve as a space for developers to work alongside UR (Universal Robots) to create software and hardware for interested customers and manufacturers to choose according to their work objectives, and we receive support from the UR (Universal Robots) team in correctness verification to enable effective collaborative work according to the standards of UR (Universal Robot), such as when developers create programs for picking up and handling workpieces or when developers create heat prevention cases for, etc.”

Universal Robots works with Hexagon, the manufacturer and distributor of CMMs, for the most efficient parts

“As for marketing plans, UR (Universal Robots) is determined to maintain its market dominance in COBOTs (collaborative robots) by holding over 60% of the market share and is prepared to work together with developer teams to expand and diversify the customer base, whether for welding work, screw-fastening work or paint-spraying work, etc. Most recently, UR (Universal Robots) worked with Hexagon, a manufacturer and distributor of CMMs (coordinate measuring machines), which are high-quality measurement machines, with a worldwide customer base, on the TEMPO model. It is a system for automatically loading workpieces, and URs (Universal Robots) are used to grab workpieces to feed them into coordinate measuring machines and to remove the workpieces after measurements are taken with complete integration for maximum effectiveness,” Mr. Akarin confidently discussed marketing.

Cerathai has long given importance to post-sale services, to build confidence for customers in a sustainable way

“Cerathai Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of automation in production industries through the use of COBOTs (collaborative robots). As such, we are marketing together with UR and developers, whether in welding work, screw-fastening work, or paint-spraying work as discussed above, and the latest innovations for CCMs (coordinate measuring machines) in TEMPO from Hexagon. Furthermore, Cerathai Co., Ltd. has long given importance to post-sale services, and we have a post-sale services team ready to serve and a software system developed jointly with manufacturers to allow customers to study basic maintenance information on their own. In addition, we provide training on usage and maintenance to any persons interested such as via UR Academy, and we store spare parts according to product cycles to fully support customer and manufacturer needs, and our employees receive training in new technologies constantly. In the future, we look toward VR (virtual reality) systems that will make it seem like we are working with customers on the work site to effectively and swiftly solve problems for customers, which will boost customer confidence,” Mr. Akarin concluded to ensure confidence in readers.

บริษัท เซราไทย จำกัด
LINE ID : @cerathai
Tel : (662) 514 – 2937 , (662) 538 – 1251
Fax : (662) 538 -3863

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